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  1. The clients agrees to, as a minimum pay the subscription fee of $29 a month inc gst to track my house price for 12 months for their chosen area. If you believe you have reason a concession should be made please contact
  2. The client agrees to order as a minimum 10 thousand flyers from Track My House Price every three months in order to service their area properly.
  3. The client agrees the delivery of said flyers will be their responsibility and at their own cost.
  4. The client agrees that they will handle potential vendors information sensitively and legally.
  5. The client agrees that as they are an approved area specialist for their chosen suburb of track my house price, They are to be ethical and courteous at all times.
  6. The client understands the track my house price reserves the right to terminate this contract for unethical and unruly behavior.
  7. The client understands that after the initial 12-month contract expires if the client wishes not continue receiving the leads from their chosen suburb they are to give track my house price one month’s written notice to find a replacement agent in their chosen suburb.
  8. The client understands if they leave the industry or move suburbs that track my house price will release them from their 12-month contract immediately and the client will only be responsible for any monies owing to that date.
  9. The client understands if this contract is terminated for any of the above reasons the client will no longer have the rights to their chosen suburbs and any leads past, present and future will be passed on to the next agent who purchases the rights for that suburb.